Junior Livestock Sale

Thank you 2018 Junior Livestock Sale Buyers!

Because of your support, this was another record sale for the youth of our Community.

2018 Champions

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Species Seller Price Buyer
Grand Champion Market Beef James Mullins $ 20,000 Liberty Infra Structure
Grand Champion Market Swine Brayden Murphy $ 5,500 Rocky Mtn Excavating
Grand Champion Market Lamb Alaina Mauck $ 4,500. Kiana Creek Ranch
Grand Champion Market Chickens Tessa Ivy $ 1,500 Simla Frozen Foods & Locker
Grand Champion Market Turkeys Dylan Magruder $ 2,100 Lembke Brothers
Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen Alyssa Weigel $ 1,300 Good Family
Grand Champion Market Goat Alaina Mauck $ 1,800 Douglas County Commissioners
Grand Champion Market Duck Alex Cerullo $ 1,800 Ivy Mountain Homes
Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef Matthew Hinners $,6,300  Monks Construction
Reserve Grand Champion Market Swine  Aiden Holschuh $ 2,400  Potestio Brothers
Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb  Alaina Mauck $ 1,600  Rocky Mtn Excavating
Reserve Grand Champion Market Turkeys  Diana Nagel $ 2,000  Mike Acree
Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit Mean Pen  Adyson Vogel $ 2,000  King Sooopers
Reserve Grand Champion Market Goats  Morgan Tempel $ 2,400 T. Lowell Construction
Reserve Champion Market Chickens  Peyton Holt $ 1,100  Bringhurst Cattle Co.
Reserve Champion Market Ducks  Alex Cerullo $ 1,500  King Soopers
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Scholarship Sale
  • 2018 Beef

    Seller Buyer
    James Mullins
    Liberty Infra Structure
    Cheyanne Arnt
    Monks Construction
    Troy McWhorter
    Stretch Transports
    Rusty Moye
    Bringhurst Cattle Co.
    Daniel Mauck
    Coggins & Sons
    Maguire Rohr
    IMI Global – Stanton
    Kenzie Fox
    Aztec Consultants, Inc.
    Alison Wagester
    Columbine Kitchen & Bath
    Sophia Parker
    Pine Valley Electric Inc.
    Anna Wagester Transwest
    Maisen Avent
    First Tier Bank
    Sidney Fox
    Cowboys After Hours
    Gunner Parker Hier Drilling
    Addison McWhorter
    Cowboys After Hours
    Laura Olson
    White Construction Co.
    Dustin Moye Kiersta & Paul Casey
    Olivia Bringhurst Cowboys After Hours
    Wyatt Sandell
    Colorado Powerline Inc.
    Diego Aguirre
    RMH Group
    Max Witt
    Bringhurst Cattle Co
    Cheyanne Arnt JMA Enterprises
    Matthew Palmer Doug & Tina Decker
    Maguire Rohr IMI Global – Stanton
    James Mullins LIberty Infra Structure
  • 2018 Chickens

    Seller Buyer
    Tessa Ivy
    Simla Frozen Foods & Locker
    Peyton Holt
    Bringhurst Cattle Co.
    Cassidy Esposito
    King Soopers
    Jacob Schott
    Lakewood Electric
    Erick Scnittker
    Bringhurst Cattle co.
    Preston Holt
    Doug & Tina Decker
    Andrew Garrison
    Sterling Auto Interiors
    Joshua Moe
    Kings Kars
  • 2018 Rabbits

    Seller Buyer
    Alyssa Weigel
    Good Family
    Alyson Vogel
    DLH Architecture LLC
    Kenzie Sijelmassi
    King Soopers.
  • 2018 Swine

    Seller Buyer
    Brayden Murphy
    Rocky Mtn. Excavating
    Aiden Hotschuh
    Potestio Brothers
    Gavin Warren
    Cowboys After Hours
    Graydon Warren
    Liberty Infra Structure
    Jack Davis
    Dyer Construction
    Keira Brauer
    NavPoint Real Estate Group
    Clayton Holschuh
    Aztec Consultants Inc.
    Lilly Simpson
    Colorado Powerline Inc.
    Clara Griffin
    IMI Global – Stanton
    Audrey Davis
    Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply
    Lauren Averill
    Kiana Creek Ranch
    Karlina Tanin
    White Construction Co.
    Natalie Holschuh Cowboys After Hours
    Taylor Averill Redland Consulting Group Inc.
    Pierce Simpson
    Cheter Latchum
    Luke Mauck
    Rocky Mtn. Evacavating
    Brie Murphy
    ICowboys After Hours
    Caroline Ashworth
    Coggins & Sons
    Trent Mauck
    Rocky Mtn. Excavating
    Shannon Draper
    Coggins & Sons
    Eleanor Davis
    JB Concrete
    Trent Mauck Rocky Mtn. Excavating
    Shannon Dr Coggins & Sons
    Eleanor Davis JB Concrete
    Sydney Wyatt Colorado Powerline Inc.
    Caleb Bakken
    Cowboys After Hours
    Kiley Cagianut
    Elkhorn Heating & Air Inc.
    Francy Davenport Cowboys After Hours
    Matthew Draper  First Tier Bank
    Sadeek Hotschuh  Front Range Window & Door
    Dakota Potton  Griffith Engineering Service
    Makenzie Potton  Coggins & Sons
    Jedadiah Alexander  Elizabeth Locker Plant
    Audrey Griffin  MTC
    Megan Tripp  Eric Worley
    Hannah Davis  JB Concrete
    Brooke Holschuh  Good Family
    Josiah Alexander  Colorado Powerline Inc.
    Samantha Seela  Bringhurst Cattle Co.
    Brittany Duckworth  Williams Ranch Group
  • 2018 Goats

    Seller Buyer
    Alaina Mauck
    Douglas County Commissioners
    Morgan Tempel
    T Lowell Construction Inc.
    Caileigh Delhougne
    Cowboys After Hours
    Tyler Arbogast
    RMH Group
    Thomas Barnhart
    Murdoch’s Ranch& Home Parker
    Jamie Arbogast
    Les Schwab Tire Centers
    Sydney Delhougne
    Worcester Family
  • 2018 Lamb

    Seller Buyer
    Alaina Mauck
    Burdick Family
    Alaina Mauck
    Kings Kars
    Chayse Coggins
    Cowboys After Hours
    Abby Nagel
    White Construction Co.
    Bailey Fischer
    Castle Rock Midas
    Kenzie Summervill
    Rocky Mtn. Excavating
    Ethan Summervill
    Cowboyss After Hours
    Haily Coggins
    Bringhurst Cattle Co.
    Carley Bringhurst
    Will Travel Repair Service
    AJ Montoya
    Aztec Consultants Inc.
    Dalton Carpenter
    Cowboys After Hours
    December Pool
    Denver Industrial Sales & Service
    Megan Marie Rayl
    Wylaco Supply Co
    Sam McDaniel Douglas County Septic
    Jaden Mortensen
  • 2018 Turkey

    Seller Buyer
    Dylan Magruder
    Lembke Brothers
    Diana Nagel
    Mike Acree
    Lauren Clark
    JB Concrete
    Jared Moe
    Parker Feed
    Bryce Lutz Holst Ranch
    Nicole Fritz
    Colorado Powerline Inc.
    Matt Scott
    Cowboys After Hours
    Ty Bringhurst  Coggins & Sons
  • 2018 Add Ons

    Buyers Who Added On to the Purchase Price

    Buyer and # of Times
    Artisans 7
    Aspen Reserve Specialties 2
    Auto Alley 2
    Aztec Consultants, Inc. 1
    Banister Family 1
    Bill & Lindsay Serrell 4
    Brad & Maryanne Averill 6
    Brightway Insurance, The Scheibe Agency 3
    Bringhurst Cattle Co 15
    Candelaria Family 3
    Carl & Deb Eslinger 2
    Carl & Sharon Mauck 1
    Clark Zimmerman 3
    Coggins & Sons 11
    Colleen & Terry McDonald 1
    Colorado Powerline, Inc. 3
    Country Welding & Hauling LLC 1
    Cowboys After Hours 6
    Craig & Mimi Holt 1
    Craig Hood 1
    D.C. Carpentry, LLC 2
    Dave Amick 1
    Delhougne Family Farms 3
    Dennis & Thelma Clark 1
    Doug & Tina Decker 1
    Douglas County Farm Bureau 3
    Douglas County Septic 2
    Elkhorn Heating & Air Conditioning Inc 2
    Erik & Jolie Lutz 3
    F4 Enterprses Inc. 14
    Falcon Weed Control 3
    Front Range Window & Door 1
    Graves Fencing 2
    Griffith Engineering Service 3
    Guaranty Bank and Trust 2
    Hier Drilling 2
    High Country Refacing 1
    Hillside Farms LLC 2
    Holst Ranch 3
    IMI Global 2
    IREA 1
    Ivy Mountain Homes Inc 1
    Jeff McGonegal 1
    Jill’s Feed & Country Supply 2
    Jim & Laurie Scherman 2
    JMA Enterprises 9
    Joel Draper 8
    John & Patty Bell 1
    John & Tina Brookover 3
    Kiana Creek Ranch 1
    King Soopers 1
    Kym Schnittker 4
    Lakewood Electric 3
    Lautenbach Insurance 1
    Littleton Equine Medical Center 2
    Matt Arbogast 4
    Mauck Building & Remodeling Inc 2
    Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply 3
    Nicole & Anthony Iannone 1
    Norman & Ruth Coggins 1
    Pete & Debbie Hier 1
    Rachel Serrell 5
    Red & Nora Boshee/ Caryl Schlothauer 1
    Rich Kozel 1
    Rob & Cytnthia Tkach 5
    Rocky Mtn Excavating 4
    Ryan Potton 7
    Sam & Jo Spencer 1
    Sedalia Tire & Automotive 2
    Semocor Inc 1
    Shane Northern 1
    Shawn Collins 2
    Shirley Pettit 2
    Stablemaster Products 3
    Steve & Dawn Granie 2
    Tanin Family 1
    Taylor Landscaping 1
    The BKG 1
    Thom & Julie Ashworth 4
    Thomas Mann 1
    Tori Worley 1
    Total Property Inc 1
    Traffic Control West Inc 1
    Tyler & Jennifer Summervill 12
    West Valley Ranch 6
    White Construction Co 1
    Will Travel Repair Service 4
    Williams Ranch Group 7
    Worcester Family 2
    Wylaco Supply Co 4
  • 2018 Scholarship Sale

    4-H Scholarship Fund Buyers / Donations

    All Kings Mechanics 2
    Ally Fanning.  1
    Bringhurst Cattle Co. 1
    D.C. Carpentry, LLC 1
    Duro Electric 1
    Good Family 1
    JMA Enterprises 1
    Kings Kars 2
    Mark McCabe 2
    Nicole & Anthony Iannone 1
    Obriens Cafe  1
    Sam & Jo Spencer 2
    Semocor Inc.2
    Stablemaster Products 2
    Thom & Julie Ashworth 3
    Troy Taylor 1
    Worcester Family 2
     Zac Abushaban 1