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Junior Division

Welcome to the 2021 douglas county Fair & Rodeo

We are so excited to invite you to participate! Registration for the Junior Divisions of the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo will open Tuesday, June 1 and all entries are due Wednesday, June 16 by 5:00 PM.

This year, like last year, we will be incorporating two entry systems 4HOnline(Fair Entry) and ShoWorks. 4HOnline will be the system that you will use to register for all Exhibit Day Projects, Fashion Revue, CloverBuds and County Shoot. ShoWorks is the system we will use to register for Dog, Horse, Rabbit, Cavy, Beef, Sheep, Llama, Swine, Goats (Market & Non-Market), and Poultry. Note: Cats will need to register in both systems as the project is in Exhibit Day and their contest is part of the animal shows.

If you have a general project such as a cake or woodworking and then also have goats and sheep, you will need to go into BOTH systems and register.

***NEW THIS YEAR!!!!***

All market animal entries will be required to upload a photo containing the exhibitor, the animal, and a visible tag number at the time of entry. This will be an initial photo that will be used for the online portion of the Livestock Sale auction. Closer to Fair, you will be asked to upload another photo containing the same image, only updated. Instructions on how to upload a photo can be found below in the STEP 3: Check Out instructions. This is a requirement, but just remember that you will be able to replace the photo closer to Fair. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at 720-733-6941.

2021 Junior Division Competition Rules

Exhibitor Schedule- Not Public Permitted


If you have any questions please contact the Fair Office at 720-733-6941 and/or email at:


If you have any questions please contact the Fair Office at 720-733-6941 and/or email at:

Still have questions?
Try this video (https://youtu.be/kzyVzFsQqaw) or contact the Fair Office at 720-733-6941 and/or email fair@douglas.co.us

Here are a few items to remember along the way


All livestock/animal members must enroll in Showmanship. All market animal members must enroll in Showmanship to be eligible for the Livestock Sale. For Horse and Breeding animal members enrolling in Showmanship is required to be eligible to compete for Grand and Reserve Grand Champion as well as High Point (Horse).

If you are unable to participate in Fair you can still complete your 4-H project by dropping off your record book at the Extension Office and by completing Showmanship with your Organizational Leader.

Shooting Sports

To be eligible to participate at the State Shoot you must participate in the County Shoot as well as Exhibit Day. If you are unable to attend Exhibit Day, sign-up to drop off your project, but don’t sign-up to do an interview. You must at least turn in a project! Shooting Sports for Exhibit Day can be found under the Natural Resources Division.

Other Important Items
  • Make sure that the project that you sign-up for at Fair is the same project you are signed up for in 4-H. If you signed up for Computers in 4-H make sure you sign up for Computers at Fair. If you need to verify what projects you signed up for in 4-H please call the CSU Extension office 720-733-6940.
  • If you are showing multiple species please fill out the Livestock Sale preference form and turn it in to one of your Superintendents at animal check-in when you bring your Livestock to Fair.
Again, please remember that ALL FAIR ENTRIES are due by JUNE 16 and no late entries will be accepted! We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have while getting entered.

Have questions?

Contact your organizational leader or the Fair Office at 720-733-6941 or fair@douglas.co.us
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