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Junior Livestock Sale

Welcome Buyers!

You're invited to bid on and buy premium livestock at this year's Junior Livestock Sale! Local youth invest their time, talents and substantial funds to raise market animals to sell at this event. Each exhibitor follows quality production practices in nutrition, health and handling of their livestock to ensure a superior meat product. Each year, community leaders, businesses and citizens help youth raise funds to continue their education by purchasing animals at this sale. We hope you join us this year and support our future leaders!

What's New This Year?

In order to combat some challenges brought on by COVID-19, some changes had to be made to this year's Junior Livestock Sale. The biggest change being that only a limited number of buyers will be allowed on grounds for the Live Sale. Because of this, there will also be an Online Sale.

There will be NO Market Floor
There will be NO Buy Back Sale
Buyers Must Register Ahead of Time (For both the Live and Online Sale)
Buyers wishing to attend the sale in person MUST RSVP to attend the Live Sale when registering to become a Buyer
Anyone wishing to place an Add-On must register as a Buyer before the night of the Sale



  • Register HERE before Friday, July 31
  • RSVP to attend in person at the link above when you're registering to be a Buyer
  • As each animal is led into the sale ring, the auctioneer will suggest a bid in dollars per head, not dollars per pound.
  • Bid by raising your hand to signal your bid
  • The highest bidder buys the animal. If that's you, you will sign the sale slip and decide how you wish to manage your purchase


  • Register HERE before Friday, July 31
  • Once you have been confirmed as a Buyer, you will be sent an email asking how you would like to manage your purchase and if applicable, what processing plant you would like the animal sent to.
  • Buyers will be able to see the sale order before the Sale begins
  • Once the auction starts, the buyers will see the livestreamed Sale and be able to bid as if they were at the live Sale

Having Trouble Registering?

4-H Parents

If you wish to place an Add-On OR wish to purchase an animal, you MUST register as a Buyer and will be counted in the total amount of Buyers permitted at the Sale.

More Information

Because there will be no Market Floor or Buy Back Sale, this means all animals must either be sent to slaughter or a buyer hold must be placed for the animal to be picked up by the Buyer the next day.

The Livestock Sale Committee will transport your animal to one of the available packing plants. The packing plant will process your animal in the days following the Sale. You will be contacted by the packing plant to give them instructions on how you would like the animal processed. Processing costs are not included in the bid price. Buyers will be treated ti a dinner before the Sale this year. This dinner is available only to registered Buyers who RSVP'd to attend the Sale in person.

Thank you 2019 Livestock Sale Buyers!

Because of your support, this was another successful sale for the youth of our community!

Species Seller Price Buyer
Grand Champion Market Beef Matthew Hinners $22,000 Christopher Pangburn
Grand Champion Market Swine Karlina Tanin $6,500 Colorado Powerline Inc
Grand Champion Market Lamb Alaina Mauck $4,500 Rocky Mountain Excavating
Grand Champion Market Ducks Alex Cerullo $1,800 Ivy Mountain Homes Inc.
Grand Champion Market Chickens Piper Warren $1,900 Williams Ranch Group
Grand Champion Market Turkeys Bryce Lutz $2,500 Douglas County Commissioners
Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen Timothy Surry $1,300 Kiana Creek Ranch
Grand Champion Market Goats Alaina Mauck $2,000 CRG Inc.
Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef James Mullins $16,000 Coggins & Sons
Reserve Grand Champion Market Swine Gavin Warren $2,900 Potestio Brothers
Reserve Champion Market Lamb Addison McWhorter $3,700 Kiana Creek Ranch
Reserve Champion Market Ducks Peyton Holt $1,400 T Lowell Construction Inc
Reserve Champion Market Chickens Piper Warren $1,300 Kings Kars
Reserve Champion Market Turkeys Ty Bringhurst $2,100 Simla Frozen Foods & Locker
Reserve Champion Rabbit Meat Pen Jordan Lee $1,100 Mike Acree
Reserve Champion Market Goats Alaina Mauck $1, 600 Troy Taylor
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